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Heading Home!

Well, it's been an eventful couple of days to say the least. These mood swings are really starting to bum me out. Poor Draco, I probably chewed his ear off at least 7 times on his birthday. I don't even understand why I'm the one getting them anyway. Oh well, at least it's almost over. Blaise should be having them soon, so hopefully everyone will be able to put up with me for just a bit longer.

Anyway, it's been great, despite my freak outs. We've been kayaking, *snerk* Draco fell into the water, and Blaise bought me tickets to see The Calling...well, the weren't just tickets. They were the entire front row!! Have I ever told you how much I love him! It was awesome! .... Yeah, so....vacation's almost over. We board the plane later tonight and arrive back home early tomorrow. Despite having a blast here, I can't wait to go home...*cough* and it has nothing to do with Draco's kitchen!


As childish as it sounds, I'm practically bouncing off the walls with excitement. We are going to the rockies! To my parents cottage! Catelain, Draco and I for sure....and maybe Charlie and his...other half. But that has yet to be decided. I still have to talk to charlie....but it's going to be great!

*sigh* Life Sucks Sometimes!!

Seamus is back...whether or not that's a good thing has yet to be seen. I missed him, of course, but I also never told Draco about him either. And Seamus, being Seamus, introduced himself as my ex-boyfriend and grabbed my arse...IN FRONT OF DRACO!!

Okay granted I have been with Seamus but we were 19 and it wasn't even a relationship. It was convenient...as horrible as that sounds. Damn. The sad thing is that no matter how hard I wish, this isn't going to go away. I don't want them fighting, but I'm not willing to give up either of them. Seamus as a friend and Draco as more.

*sigh* I think I need a psychiatrist!

Damn you, Sirius!!

In the middle of my christmas party, I get a phone call from Sirius telling me that he locked himself in the bathroom. This is a full grown adult! It's like having kids I swear. Draco's got it easy with Catelain....*mutters*.....

Who's Bright Idea Was This??

Why did I ever agree to this? Why do I always agree to this? Christmas eve is tomorrow and I have absolutely nothing done. I managed to find all the gifts but I have yet to wrap them. I haven't even decided what I'm serving for dinner tomorrow. Most people will have turkey on Christmas, so I really don't want to give them that as well....chicken won't work....I'm tempted just to make hamburgers and fries. I don't know maybe I can pick up some steaks or something.

Despite me running behind, I am quite proud of the decorations. I've managed to decorate the entire house and I even found the most gorgeous tree! It's huge. The only place I could fit it was in the living room with the vaulted ceilings. The only problem now is getting the star up there.

Christmas Is Coming!!

I want to wish you a merry Christmas
I want to wish you a merry Christmas
I want to wish you a merry Christmas
From the bottom of my heart!

I love Christmas...though I hate shopping! I have no idea what to get anyone!

Okay...I am offically insane!

Not only did I pass out at work, last night, but I woke up in Draco's bedroom, wearing his pajama's, and in his bed! Then to top that off he apparantly spent the night taking care of me, which I think is so sweet, but I'm getting side tracked. We haven't even got to the best part yet! I told Oliver...well, I didn't really tell him anything, merely hinted at...okay, I pretended that I was seeing Draco. There I said it! Oliver thinks Draco and I are an item....*takes a deep breath* I really need to get these jealous fits under control!

Oh god....someone please kill me know!!

Someone please kill me!


We perform in three days, and we still don't have a functioning list of songs. *sigh* I am so not ready for this! Whose bright idea was it to put me in charge of the band anyway?


Catelain is so adorable. Yes, yes I know I always said that I didn't care for kids, but that's because I had never met her. She is so cute! *Gushes* Man, I can be such a girl sometimes. She looks like a female version of Draco (which isn't really to far from the male version), but she's much cuter and more polite....although the stuff Narcissa puts into her head, makes me want to throttle her...or send Mom or Hermione to throttle her. Honestly, you shouldn't be telling a child that young that chocolate will make you 'spotty and fat'!! Who does that???