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Harry's Thoughts

A New Level Of The Proverbial Gutter!!!

Harry Potter
31 July
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About me, huh?

Name: Harry James Potter

Age: 26

Schooling: Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft & Wizardry
Royal College Of Music

History: After defeating Voldemort in his 7th year at Hogwarts, he no longer had any responsibilities. He no longer had the threat of death hanging on his shoulders, so he decided to do something with his life that he would enjoy. At first he had thought he had wanted to be an Auror, but after the final battle with Voldemort he had decided he had seen enough fighting to last a life time. So instead he had turned to music. One of the loves of his life.

In the last three years of Hogwarts he had decided he needed a means to relax, so due to a suggestion by Hermione he had chosen music as an escape from reality. Over the three years he spent every moment he could between classes and preparing for voldemort to play. By the time he had graduated he knew the guitar inside out. When Voldemort had been defeated, he really had no plans for his life. He decided that because Music had become such a large part of his life, he would continue in that direction and attended the Royal Colledge of Music in London. It was here that he obtained his Bachlour of Music. After the enital 4 years for his bachlour of music, he considered continuing so that he could teach, but couldn't really see himself teaching kids. After he left, he spent some time in a couple different bands but didn't really feel like he fit in with them. So instead he stuck to himself, and kept his eyes opened for others who had a passion for music.

As for his life before RCM, there really isn't much to tell. He still keeps contacts with people from school, including Ron and Hermione, but the Golden Trio isn't what it used to be. Since his days at Hogwarts he's branched out and allowed his personality to form on into who he is, not simply reflecting the drible that is Harry Potter.